Markazhi Dew Drops Rangoli contest-2010


This is a free hand Rangoli for Markazhi dew drops contest.Ganesha is my favaorite,so i put this sangu pillaiyar.

Rangoli: Markazhi Dew Drops Rangoli contest-2010


nice ganesh!!leaves looks nice..Wish you all the best!

Nice concept with sangu. May your favorite Ganesha bless you and All the Best.

very nice

First look - Enticing, Creativity - novel, Details - nice way of using the same motif for different organs, good colouring, the ouside leaves could have been in light green instead of blue, Overall - Excellent. Regards! - mOhana

nice shanku ganesha is very nice

sangu ganesha is superb.all the best.

A very novel idea of using the sangu to make Ganesha... nicely done

Nice kolam. Wish u all the best.

Your sangu pulliyar has come out really well - all the best :)

A Pillaiyar made up of only shells is something I'm seeing for the first time, here at ikolam. A great idea, and it looks very nice. :)

Thank u for all the friends for voting me and encouraging.