Markazhi dew drops kolam contest 2011

This is the full kolam .Latha,i dont know to combine the 2 pl do what ever it will,if it is not ok for competition put it in markazhi kolams.Thank u.


Good effort to draw a 'pallakku' with color powder!

Beautiful... But you did it on paper...All the best!-Indira Sundar

Lovely sikku kolam madhu mam....all d best...

Beautiful one but this is not done with color powder, I think it is done with sketch pens on paper

Nice kolam ....all the best...

Nice thottilu. I want to sleep in that. Great job.

hai madhu,pretty birdy pallaku, looks lovely, good colors, those kunjams add still more beauty, all d best

Lovely glittering Palanquin in colors . All the best :)

Nice kolam. - Indu

This doli looks very very great .is it made formaharani(i mean our rani).Good neat work .Going to give tough competion to others .All the best

Good palanquin kolam. Colourful one. All the best.

very nice palanquin kolam.All the best.

Pretty 'pallakku' design.

Very nice kolam and neatly done on paper. Nice design.

nice kolam

nice pallakku kolam - but part of it looks drawn on paper?? all the best

Very nice.All the best.

Lovely sikku kolam madhu....all d best...

Cute and colourful Palanquin. All the best. -Sindhuja

Beautiful pallaki kolam. All the best.

Very nice work. It looks like a paper work. all the best. Mahalakshmi


Very pretty and colourful sikku kolam. This is used to carry "princess" in olden days. All d best.

Very nice "pallakku".

gud one

very cute palanquine. Saraswathy

very nice thottil, all the best.

pretty thottil for viswesh kutty!!!