Rama Navami special

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a kolammad specially for Ramanavami long time after on mud floor but turned out very normal due improper colouring and it was run over by vehicles the minute i completed it.

Rangoli: Rama Navami special


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very very beautiful one mam. very nice to c this

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design is so nice deepa thanks for sharing

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Deepa maam if this is normal to you I dont know what is grand... I love this... it is neatly drawn and aptly colored... if vehicles have gone over it, it is not visible at all so dont worry dear it looks fantastic

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super deepa!ur kolam looks great in ur favourite colour!!!

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Deepaji, very very beautiful ... if the floor was white or black, it would be an excellent one...-Indira

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Extremely handsome! How did you draw this on the ground? As good as computer drawn!

Regards! - mOhana

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The centre kolam has comeout very well.

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beautiful kolam.

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thank u so much everyone for ur support to me,i still await my predecessors like Rajamma mam,Judy mam,brindha mam to share what they feel about this kolam

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excellent deepa keep itup

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thanks lakshmi mam

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Deepa, the flower design is very beautiful. In your earlier rangolis u were using only pink and green and they were looking excellent. Here two more extra colors are added. Bu the mud tharai is not able to reflect composit colors. Even though the lotus design is very beautiful it is not able to merge with the main design.If an outer border was drawn with the pink and green color the design would have looked more attractive. Deepa, these are points for you to improve this beautiful work.I was hesitating to write what I really felt, since I could make out that You have spent a lot of ur precious time in making it. I am sure u can dostill better if you plan the design and colors before starting.rajamma

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thanks Rajamma mam,will try out like what u said.

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it's really.............truly.............................very beautiful....

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At last that beautiful mud tharai - thanks Deepa after a long time I am able to enjoy this. As far as your kolam goes - very pretty design, my favourite (rounded) lotus flowers, pretty colours used (Rajam has given some good tips too), and very very neatly done too. From my point of view I feel that you should outline the sections with thicker strokes of white in order for the kolam to look brighter. By using slender strokes the kolam does not stand out against the mud floor thereby the charm is lost. Hope you understand what I mean.