Rangoli: My origami flowers

Saw Lathaji's blog on Cherry festival so got inspired to upload these lotus (a kind of modular origami). Will upload more.

Rangoli: Genie - photo frame for tiny pictures

Genie photo frame made in 6th grade craft class.

Rangoli: Latch hook puppy

Latch hook dog made by Aarushi in her 6th grade craft class.

Rangoli: Naveen's summer holiday works

These are the summer holiday work done by Naveen:
1. quilling work on a photo framme.
2. Art work by mseal and 3d effect
3. paper designing work

Rangoli: Artificial jewels.

These are the artificial jewel made by me. The first one is hip chain(Ottiyanam) 2nd and 3rd one are anklets (kolusu). This I have made for my friends daughters wedding

Rangoli: Hair clips decorated with beads

These are the hair clips that I made for my daughters birthday party last week. We gave one pair each for the girls who were invited. I purchased plain clips from craft store and decorated with beads and flower.

Rangoli: Thread Peacock

This is a thread work. It was hung in front of the artefacts shop in Haridwar.

Rangoli: Greeting card

Again, the flowers in this card are done by paper. I have made around 50 of them. Will send them 1 by 1 slowly.

Rangoli: I LOVE iKOLAM

I made this ikolam letters with glass stones

I love iKolam...

Gowri Manohari Narayanan.

Rangoli: Paper doily birds

My paper birds that I made last weekend.