Hair clips decorated with beads

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These are the hair clips that I made for my daughters birthday party last week. We gave one pair each for the girls who were invited. I purchased plain clips from craft store and decorated with beads and flower.

Rangoli: Hair clips decorated with beads


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nice creation.different colour could have been more elegant(It is just a suggestion)

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Thanks Viji maam,

I too didn't like the color too much. I had to make these clips for 10 girls in one night. It was not pre-planned. Something that came into mind and didn't have time to go shop for proper beads. The beads I had in mind turned out to be too small for this purpose. Since I had promised my daughter that I'll make clips for all her friends, I made them with what I had at home. They looked little better in reality than in the picture.


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I think using these kind of clips makes a great party-favor for the girls. We use these kind of clips on a daily basis for our girls, and find them quite useful in its functionality. We prefer the brown/tan clips more than the colored ones, because brown ones are more versatile and neutral (goes well with all kinds of outfits; indian or otherwise). Colored ones are so hard to take care of, and if you lose one from a pair, the other is kind of useless (4 colored pairs lasted only 2 weeks at my house). Smile

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Lata, send all the mismatched clips my way Smile We can paint them again and make black or brown clips out of them......:)