Artificial jewels.

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These are the artificial jewel made by me. The first one is hip chain(Ottiyanam) 2nd and 3rd one are anklets (kolusu). This I have made for my friends daughters wedding

Rangoli: Artificial jewels.


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Look pretty. Thanga nagai ethukku?

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They look pretty.
Viji madam, I have a sort of challenging fun question for you.
What do you think is the right age (range) for ladies to stop wearing anklets? Smile

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Beautiful. I second Lata's question, when should one stop wearing anklets?

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After reading latAjI's comments, I suddenly remembered the purandara dAsa kIrtana
which runs like this -

taMbUri mITidava bhavAbdhi dATidava
tALava taTTidava suraroLu sEridava
gejjeya kaTTidava khalarede meTTidava
gAyana pADidava hari mUrti nODidava
viThalana nODidava vaikuMTha sEridava

The person who strums the taMbUra is the one who crossed the ocean of life
The person who plays the cymbals is the one who reached the godhood
The person who wears the anklets is the one who destroyed the evil minded
The person who sings melodious songs is the one who had a vision of the Lord
The preson who saw the visage of viThala is the one who entered His abode

Regards! - mOhana

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Upstill the last breath.
Is my answer.
So many reasons are there in wearing jewels in each and every part of a women"s body.
In olden days ladies shown their skills in selecting ornaments in a tiny workman ship.
While I present the anklet,she asked me to put in my leg so that to know how to wear it. I felt very excited in wearing it. Do you Like to have one like this?

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Viji,anklets are very beautiful .ottiyanam is also nice but I can't wear one now:)

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Asha i had seen you in person.
So I recomend that if you wear such a jewel(the oddiyanam) the olden trent will come back.
Are you ready to start with?

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I was under the impression that I was too old to wear anklets, but began pondering over this question ever since my friend (a few years older than me) requested 3 pairs from India through her friend.
From what I gather from madam and mOhanaji, looks like its time for me to polish my silver anklets! Who wouldn't want to be interested in destroying the evil minded? Smile

I am also reminded of an old joke (I guess it started its circulation from some old movie); something along the lines of "__ varum pinne, mani osai varum munne"! Smile