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I made this ikolam letters with glass stones

I love iKolam...

Gowri Manohari Narayanan.

Rangoli: I LOVE iKOLAM


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We too!

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hello this is gowri... my user gowri_ana has been blocked and its saying its not activated for more than 2 weeks... I have uploaded more than one kolam :-((((((((((((((( ...(is that the punishment, bahut bhaari padraha hai !!!) Cant be away from ikolam !!!

I have created a new login to enter cos i was trying to send feedback that i am not able to reach anyone ...i miss ikolam and i want that login id please. Also in my gallery i could see only 4 of my chalk kolams, was the older kolams being deleted along with my account

help me please... ikolam is the only pasttime i have in singapore :-((((((

Gowri Manohari Narayanan

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Gowri, I missed to meet you when I was in S'pore.If you are interested I'll give my daughter Jayashree's phone No. you can have some company.Her daughter Sahana is an active member in ikolam u know?

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Definetly Rajamma madam, i would like to have number :-)... Latha mam any idea about my account being locked ?? Please let me know why the user account gowri_ana is no more working and in my gallery all my old kolams are not there .. Any idea ?? Please help...

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Hey Gowri - dont worry.. Lata will come to your rescue soon..

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Thanks judy mam for your response... i am so relieved now.... i was handicapped without ikolam

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Lata mam lata mam ... please unblock my gowri_ana account ... please please please...

And the old kolams , why it is not appearing in the gallery ??? any idea ??

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Lata mam i received an email from ikolam telling my ikolam account is activated. but still i am facing the same problem in login using gowri_ana id.

could you look into this please ?

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Thursdays are the busiest for me Gowri, I'm aware of the issue and I'll answer to your email/comments either tonight around 11pm (my time), or tomorrow morning. Smile