Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Embroidary in saree pallu
  • E.Kolam
  • Embroidary
  • Flower basket
  • Cross stitch pattern
  • pachis work on saree
  • Saree
  • shall we call it E.Kolam?
  • Designer saree
  • The Varamahalakshmi Pooja
Rangoli: Embroidary in saree pallu

This is a simple embroidary done on a saree pallu. I used the outline stitch.
The speciality of this design is it does starts in one point and finishes the otherend without break.

Rangoli: E.Kolam

Friends as usual this is my E kolam(Embroidary Kolam)
On seeing the design it does looks like our Padikolam. So I tried it out in a mati cloth by cross stitch.
How do you like it?

Rangoli: Embroidary

I just want to give my contribution then there.
But what to do?
My kaivannam is crafts and embroidary only.
O.K. O.K. Let me be an excemption from kolams.
Lata, doing embroidary works can also be consider as handwork equal to kolam no?

Rangoli: Flower basket

Dear Lata,
I am uploading this photo to add in our flower garden.
This is as usual my E.kolam (I mean the embroidary kolam) esclusively for our garden. Varieties of flowers in a basket. Kindly add in the garden. I dont know how to add with the garden. So uploading here.

Rangoli: Cross stitch pattern

this is a design done on the matti cloth with pink and violet petelled wool flower design...

Rangoli: pachis work on saree

Frends, this is for ikolam cafe.
My new embroiday in a saree pallu. Pachiswork, kutchwork and cross stitch variation are used in this pallu.
have a look. viji

Rangoli: Saree

The saree is designed by my Mother and my sister Malar Anand

Rangoli: shall we call it E.Kolam?

Of course friends this is embroidary done by me. But doesn't it looks like our Rajamma Mam's Padikolam?
So Shall we call it E.Kolam?(Embroidary Kolam)?

Rangoli: Designer saree

Lata happy to see the newly started thread saree section. I am eagerly waiting to see new design saree. First let me showcase my recently finished mirror work sare. The zari prints are there The between mirror work is done by me. I had seen many shops above the prints one simple hand embroidary gives more elegant to that saree and if it is done on zari work it is more costly. So better we can get a printed saree and do embroidary according to our taste and wear proudly. What you say?

Rangoli: The Varamahalakshmi Pooja

The Varamahalakshmi Pooja and celebration, since it was on a work day me and my sister could get only few hours break from work, hence had to use her embroidered rangoli