Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Kavitha's kai-vannam!
  • Embroidary
  • Embroidery
  • Kerchief Cross stitch
  • Embroidery design
  • Kamal Kadai embroidary
  • A simple embroidery design with stone work
  • Dotted Embroidery Kolam
Rangoli: Kavitha's kai-vannam!

Having introduced Kamini, let me introduce Kavitha, my first daughter in law to all of you thro' ikolam. Kavitha is good at embroidery, knitting etc., and Iam presenting a sample of her recent embroidery here!

Rangoli: Embroidary

This embroidary has done on a cotton dupatta of my daughter. Chamkies are stiched in this.

Rangoli: Embroidery

Just tried my hand at embroidery on one of my sarees - the mango design is the pallu and the creeper is the side border design... embroidery experts your comments please...

Rangoli: Kerchief Cross stitch

Hi friends,
This is my first cross pattern created.
Hope you enjoy Smile

Rangoli: Embroidery design

This work is done by cone thread.
Done on a pure silk saree.
The name of the stitch is busque stitch.
centre design is button hole stich.
A new look given to my used pattu saree when I finished the embroidary.

Rangoli: Kamal Kadai embroidary

This is called Kamal Kadai embroidary.
I have done pallu of a polyester saree.
Cone thread is used to do the work.

Rangoli: A simple embroidery design with stone work

This simple embroidery is done with silver and copper decorative thread. Stitch used is filling stitch. Can also be done in machine easily, or ordered to be done from professional artists. Decorate with tilak shaped stone glued or can stitch them, there will be holes for it on the stone. Follow design pattern same as for painting on sarees.

Rangoli: Dotted Embroidery Kolam

I tried to put this kolam at the back of a tile which has small square design in it, to get the effect of embroidery. Took almost 3 hours to complete.
Dot count...19, 17(5 lines),15,13,11, and 1. Repeat on other side. Straight dots.