Rangoli: mirror work embroidary

This is a handmade mirror work embroidary. Kundanstones added extra glitter.

Rangoli: stitching card

Again one embroidary greeting card made out of embroidary thread.
just added somekundan to make more elegant

Rangoli: stitching card

This is a stitchingcard.
Stitched by embroidary thread into a greeting card

Rangoli: Cross Stitch Embroidery

Friends this embroidery is done on matty cloth.I just thought this design ,resembled the Kumil Kolam done by Uma Maheswaran.Hence I posted this cross stitch work

Rangoli: stitching cards

This is a greeting card made by me. Embroidary threads are used here.

Rangoli: Embroidary

Hi ,

This is Manjula.....i have done this design on a black cloth with only chain stich and filling it with criss criss stiches.... This is my first post....



Rangoli: round design

I have started doing hutch work embroidary on my daughters salwar. In the half finished stage it does looks like a kolam (Ellaikolam by Rajjamma madam) so had a snap

Rangoli: kolam done by embroidary

I had tried out a kolam design in embroidary work.

Rangoli: Bead embroidery

This was my first bead embroidery, done when I was 17. Had it all along as a keepsake. the first design was done at the back and the second one on the sleeves of my blouse. Was very proud of it. The Aunty who taught me embroidery asked me to make the same design for her, too.

Rangoli: Embroidery

This was my first embroidery on my own, when I was 17. Had it all along as a keepsake. The upper design is around the neck and the design below was done on the sleeves of my blouse.