valentine' s day


Three beautiful flowers in a family tree in the garden of Eden! Happy Valentine's Day! Regards! - mOhana
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ammuchandhini is oozing out uma.....laksh....this kutty laksh has grown up into a pretty teenager...what do u say...hahah...awesome carpet design da...just one thing pa...if u had drawn little hearts all through d border instead of those would've been more lovely...
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Suguna Murugesan
lovely roses uma!!!-suguna murugesan
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Uma lovely creation.....neat and sweet....Rani hahahah........Happy Valentine's Day
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
What a great gift to ur raja and papu.Indeed the rangoli is very cute and neat .i wonder when i will make one rangoli like this .
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very beautiful carpet with cute roses and lovely hearts...neatly done.
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thanks a lot jkm sir(lovely imagination), rani(s even i too felt that d white looked a bit blank and wanted to fill in something,since i had insufficient colors i coudnt), jeyanthi,radhika, suguna, laksh, rekha(its a matter of nothing for such a grt artist like u)
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Lovely creation Uma. The roses and hearts are too cute :)
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Inbetween those lovely roses u have drawn hearts or lips? rajamma
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Beautiful imagination Uma - neatly presented with a very good choice of colours. Lovely gift indeed. I think you ran short of the colour pink for the bottom line thilaks as it is missing..
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
umaji is this is papu in red outfit?.He looks very cute .My love and prayers for him
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Cute and beautiful roses -lovely colour combination too -Sindhuja.
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veena manigandan
Beautiful roses and pretty hearts. Lovely design well made.
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So sweet to include everyone in the family, cute looking colorful border as well
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thanks a lot vinci, rajamma mam( dont they look like hearts he he he) , jude(every colors were insufficient, hope i do it btr next time), rekha( s its papu, thanks a lot for ur prayers dear), sindhu, veena and pushpa
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cool v-day carpet...very nice roses...remembering brooke bond three roses advertisement :) ...hope you had a wonderful day
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