Umaraja Golu.

Its so colorful and neat. Just wnted to know if the grass is grown using ragi or wheat? It looks so green and bright and lenghty.
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lovely arrangement umaraja.I like your plants and flag.Amman alangaram,mandabam, marriage set all are lovely.
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Lovely, I want to catch those two Pachai kiligal. rajamma
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Lovely arrangement - looks so neat. The plants look fresh - all the best :)
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thanx a lot 4 ur appreciations subha, rajamma mam, jude
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can u pl tell me what seeds u hv sown ? My ragi plant didn't come like this
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You have chosen a good background to highlight the golu. Looks very nice.
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Lovely kolu. The colour, arrangements everything is very nice. viji
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Neat Arrangement.. The screen color matches well with the wall paint color which gives a pleasing look.. Lovely field. No scarecrow, cows are grazing.. Are those uzhundu-blackgram plants?
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hai varthini, these r hyacinth beans, they sprout fast in 2 days
Thu, 10/21/2010 - 11:12 Permalink
hai jaya simha, those r hyacinth beans, thanks 4 ur appreciation and ur marapachi rokzzzz in the entire contest, al d bst
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Uma maam I liked ur arrangment a lot... especially the small plants, very cute
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WOW ! Very beautifully arranged golu and the natural plants are highlighting the whole pic :) All the best Saras
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hai uma whenever i open i don't miss to see ur plant . golu is so cute especially plants for me. tnks for giving the name of the plant. But do we get the seed in all places. And if u can give me d tamil name also i can enquire it at my place pl.
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hai varthini, thanks a lot da 4 ur appreciations, those r mochai seeds in tamil, v get it in provision stores
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a clear arrangement of dolls, thanks and all the best.
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your golu set has very class look . All the best
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thanx a lot 4 all the comments,and ur votes, and giving me 2nd place.
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WOW UMA CONGRATS ..for getting d second place in d no: of time I expect ur golu to be more grand....
Mon, 11/01/2010 - 00:27 Permalink
thanx rani, sure i l make it grand still
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