Golu at SHREENIVAS 2010

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About Golu at SHREENIVAS 2010:

Hi frienz, This year i kept kolu in my house. This is not a Readymade stand. This i arranged with the help of a cabinet, cardboard boxes, plastic stools in big, medium and small sizes. The steps description is as follows.

1st step : Shrinivasa kalyana set.
2nd step: Rama, lakshmana and seetha, Lakshmi Hayagirva, Ramanjaneya Aliganam and Kubera Lakshmi.
3rd step : Ashtalakshmi set.
4th step: All single idols like Hanuma, durga, lakshmi, saraswathi, Gayathri.
5th step : Traditional Marpachi dolls, kalasham and lakshmi Narasimha
6th step : GovardhanaGiri Set and Dashavathara set.
7th step: Fruit and vegetable vendors.

On the sides there is a Kalyana set and the other side it is zoo and park.

So enjoy seeing our house kolu .

Golu contest 2010
Rangoli: Golu at SHREENIVAS 2010


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Nice display!

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Neat display.

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I see two pairs of marapaachis displayed in the 5th step, you could have uploaded atleast one snap of them for Marapaachi doll decor contest. Nice display of dolls. All the Best.

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Sudha , very bright and colorful dolls well arranged. good collections.nice decoration and neat photography.

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Very neat display dear - I would love to take those fruits from the chettiar doll - all the best Smile

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Very pretty and well coordinated.

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Neatly placed dolls and Good collection too.. All the best..

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Sudha maam I loved this... beatiful arrangement

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Beautiful display - all the best

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Nice arrangement.

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very nicely done...Srinivasa Kalyaana, Govardhanagiridhaari looks pretty, wow you have the Hayagriva too. The fruit sellers are also stealing the show Smile ...best wishes

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very nice all the best.

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The stars for voting is not coming today in my account. Therefore, I am not able to vote. I feel bad as I want to vote.

This Golu is very beautiful. The Govardhana Giri set is very nice. Likewise, Lakshmi Nrisimha Moorthy doll is very nice.

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Enjoyed your golu display Sudha. Smile
If I were to buy produce from the Chettiar couple, I would look forward to buying it from the spunky looking Chettiar lady who happens to carry a bigger bounty. :0

Pragaya, the voting module was turned off on the 25th as the voting days were over, and we had to announce the winner Smile

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Oh, I feel bad that I missed the bus as I was late. I was very busy so I could not sign in for many days.

Waiting for the Deepavali contest.