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Dear Friends, This is my sweet girl with "Andal Alangaram". I took 1:30 hrs to complete it.. Really my sweety has a lot of patience..I made the andal kondai with her black cotton dupatta with golden, red and white beads... ODiyanam was made by "Kasu malai" at the centre i kept a heart shaped "kondai poo" ...We were wandering for lotus and jasmine flowers ... At last we found and bought all flowers from the shop. The sales men gave a strange look at us.. Then we reached home... With the available things Srekutty stands like "Andal"... I hope you all like her in this alangaram.. Your valuable comments are welcome.... Thanks...
Very beautiful alangaaram u've made for ur daughter indra....she looks so cute pa...lovely smiling aandaal...:)
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indira mam., your daughter is looking more beautiful in andal.... alangaram.,
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Lovely Indira. I admire the efforts taken by you and all the more admire your Srekutty for the patience. Srekutty you look very very pretty and beautiful in this saree.
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Anisha Raghunath
she looks beautiful in aandal alangarm....
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Very cute. She looks very beautiful in this dress. Well dressed dear. viji
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Wow...Srinithy looks very pretty in her Andaal dress with that beautiful smile. You have taken a lot of pain in doing this and that has really paid off. All the best to you both.:)
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veena manigandan
Beautiful and very neat alangaram. It has come out very well with a great smile in your daughter's face.
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Stunning! The alangaram is very nice and she has a lovely smile. All the best!!
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arumai magaLukku alangaram saidhidavay alaindhai kadhaiyai,arumaiyaaga sollivittar oru amma. azhagaana kondaiyudan, arumaiyaana punnagaiyudan aandaalai magaLaaga petridavay "yenna thavam saidhanai, Indra"
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Wow, here comes our beautiful andal to bless us on this auspicious day. Very nice makeup Indira.
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Suguna Murugesan
wow beautiful sreekutti! all the best indira :)
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malar anand
srekutty looks awesome in this costume
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Congratulations on being the best dressed girl, Srenithy! You look fabulous in your elaborately decorated Andal outfit. A big 'thank you' to the proud parents for sending their Kanya to our virtual home for the Navaratri celebrations! We'll email you shortly about the Navaratri Kanya-goody bag. :)
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indira sundar
Thanks a lot to ammy my dear friends,... really, she had lot of patience on that day... My hubby loves this picture of her...He also helpmed me a lot in alangaram..he hold the saree, pins and flowers etc... That day was full of fun.. :) 0:) Special thanks to Lata :love: Special thanks to Push for her tips... :love: ;) :bigsmile:
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