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  • Margazhi Kolangal Dated 18/12/2009
  • Padi Kolam
  • shastikolam
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  • Padi kolam
  • kalyana padikolam
  • small kolam
  • Computer Padi Kolam
  • 'sarva karyeshu sarvatha'
  • Geometric padikolam
Rangoli: Margazhi Kolangal Dated 18/12/2009
Created by Revathe .TJ on 2009-12-18,

It is a padi traditional kolam. The material which we used are as follows

1) Rice Flour
2) Decorated with flower in the middle of the rangoli.

Rangoli: Padi Kolam
Created by dibbutn on 2009-12-12,

This design was the first padikolam I had tried when I was just learning how to make kolams using wet rice flour... I tried it again when I am more comfortable with the wet rice flour... it is the same design though with very very slight variation... hope you all like it... I think it is either Jaya ma'am or Rajamma ma'am's original design which I had used at that time and now I have used the same design again (

Rangoli: shastikolam
Created by Vasi on 2009-11-14,

It is this year shasti kolam.This is very simple padikolam.

Rangoli: Modernkolam
Created by Vasi on 2009-11-12,

This is one of the modern padikolam.I like it very much.

Rangoli: Padi kolam
Created by indira sundar on 2009-09-17,

This is my first attempt in padi kolam... Rajamma ma'am, ur comment please...

Rangoli: kalyana padikolam
Created by subashini on 2009-09-14,

This is a free hand padikolam .usually this type of kolams are drawn in front of marriage hall.You can extend this kolams .

Rangoli: small kolam
Created by bharathibhaskar on 2009-09-05,

This is a free hand kolam drawn in front of my flat.

Rangoli: Computer Padi Kolam
Created by judelined on 2009-08-27,

Okay guys - here comes my first computer padi kolam - don't know how much justice I have done but I would definitely like to have your comments and suggestions please Smile

Rangoli: 'sarva karyeshu sarvatha'
Created by deepa ram on 2009-08-23,

a special kolam in the mud floor after a week of unexpected showers,for which i was praying and longing to lord Ganesha. As the mantra quotes"vakrathunda....sarva karyeshu sarvatha",he made the day dawn bright with sun.i quenched my week long yearning.still the unevenness on floor persists,trying to pave it up soon.

Rangoli: Geometric padikolam
Created by subashini on 2009-08-21,

This Isa colorful padikolam.I think all of you enjoy this.