Padi Kolam

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About Padi Kolam:

This design was the first padikolam I had tried when I was just learning how to make kolams using wet rice flour... I tried it again when I am more comfortable with the wet rice flour... it is the same design though with very very slight variation... hope you all like it... I think it is either Jaya ma'am or Rajamma ma'am's original design which I had used at that time and now I have used the same design again (

Rangoli: Padi Kolam


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Pushpaji....Copy Cat's Copy Cat Kolam has come out very well....small checks looks grand...

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This shows how the artist has progressed Smile quite nice!

Regards! - mOhana

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This has come out very good-looking.

Just a thought; I hope you wouldn't mind if I change the title to Padi kolam (or something along those lines). Smile

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Lata ma'am pls go ahead and change it

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Pusha mam, the check box has come out very well and nice corner design, eveyr thing you put has a special effect due to the combination of rice flour with kaavi

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it is really superb

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nice one pushpaji...we are giving you the full marks, eventhough you have copied Smile ...oh btw let us wait for our professorji's scoring Wink

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Pushpa this is a real beauty Smile

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Good Looking and very nice Maam


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wow lovely....awesome Smile