Margazhi Kolangal Dated 18/12/2009

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It is a padi traditional kolam. The material which we used are as follows

1) Rice Flour
2) Decorated with flower in the middle of the rangoli.


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excellent madma ....very

excellent madma ....very very beautiful...i am learning these...

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hai so lovely that it looks

hai so lovely that it looks like a print with regards

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great work!!!!!!the design

great work!!!!!!the design is too gud

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wow...the design is awesome

wow...the design is awesome

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excellent.. gr8 creativity..

excellent.. gr8 creativity..

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Padmanabha Rao - A very

Padmanabha Rao - A very difficult piece indeed and that too, very well done. I wish I could emulate you, madam.All the best.

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Hi Mam, Really very

Hi Mam, Really very beautiful kolam. Good perfection . Thanks a lot for sharing

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Very perfect and

Very perfect and symmetrically drqwn.

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Revathe ma'am nice kolam...

Revathe ma'am nice kolam... traditional kolams are always a feast to the eye....looking forward to more such kolams from you

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rEvatIjI, this is

rEvatIjI, this is beautifully drawn. I like the lamps on either side too.

Regards! - mOhana

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I can see ladoos Rajamma and

I can see ladoos Rajamma and the borders look like cobra snakes to me... Wow Revathe what a beautiful creation in perfect symmetry - this is really a grand one Smile

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Very nice, beautiful and

Very nice, beautiful and perfect free hand kolam, thank you very much for sharing!

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Excellent strokes and your

Excellent strokes and your freehand circle looks perfect.

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Revatheji, excellent free

Revatheji, excellent free hand kolam, good photography. Even the scooter is enjoying ur kolam? The thin ezhai has come out very neatly.
(You too look great in a nice saree). Lata, can u see laddoos anywhere?

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it is really super for its

it is really super for its perfection. all the strokes are very fine.

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Revatheji.. nice drawing,

Revatheji.. nice drawing, the outer border is excellent..waiting to see more kolams, nice photography.

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Very neat kolam.. strokes

Very neat kolam.. strokes also very good.
very good photography.

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Welcome Ms. Revathi. ungal

Welcome Ms. Revathi. ungal muthal kolam very cute.

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Welcome to ikolam

Welcome to ikolam Ms.Revathe! Smile

The traditional padi kolam looks very beautiful! Nice photography!
The pillars at the sides add more beauty and a nice boundary to your centerpiece. Looks more like a printed cloth. Thank you so much for sharing this here at ikolam, and I look forward to more of your creations. Smile