kalyana padikolam

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About kalyana padikolam : PRINT

This is a free hand padikolam .usually this type of kolams are drawn in front of marriage hall.You can extend this kolams .

Rangoli: kalyana padikolam


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Bright and beautiful padikolam ma'am. and also neat..

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subashini excellent Kalyaana padikolam.very neat and attractive. u have used nice dots to decorate it.Enga veettu kalyanthukku vandhu podareengalaa?


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Wow, I cant believe Subashini has become such an expert at computer padikolams?? Just look how big and neat this one is. A lovely padikolam Subashini - I like this very much Smile

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Subhashini, உங்க முயற்சியும் வளர்ச்சியும் பிரமாதம்!

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Thank you indra

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Thank you very much Rajamma madam.marupadiyum solgiren idhu neengal aarambittadhudhan.computeril muyarchi saidhu parkalamay endru neengal solamal irundhal naan muyarchi saiyamalay poyirukkalam.ungal sollai savaalay irundhiruppen.once again thank you.

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jude, sadhanai saidhadhai ninaikkavillai.aanalum indha valarchikkay kandippai neengal kodutha aadharavudhan yenbadhai marakkavillai.Thanks jude.maylum muyarchi saiven.

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jaya , முதலில் சாரி சொல்லிவிடுகிறேன் .போன் நம்பர் தொலைத்து விட்டேன்.அதனால் கூப்பிட முடியவில்லை ..எனக்கு லக்ஷ்மி, ஜுடி, அல்லது உங்கள் நம்பர் எதாவது கொடுங்களேன்.வளர்ச்சிக்கு காரணம் கண்டிப்பாய் நீங்கள் கொடுத்த ஆதரவுதான் .நன்றி , நன்றி, நன்றி.

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subashiniji excellent Kalyaana padikolam it come out well.

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Very Very Beautiful Padikolam, Subhashini Ma'am.......

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excellent design, very traditional, tempting for writing it in real. thanks for sharing

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wow, Subhashiniji,looks great!!

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Thank you purni, asha and anirudh.great surprise anirudh.

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This is very very good. Nice and imaginative design as well as careful presentation. However, I wish more care was taken in drawing lines. They must be straight and uniformly thick. This is only a friendly advice. I am sure you will become an expert in a very short time Smile Again I wish to state that I like it.

Regards! - mOhana

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Thank you, Thank you very much jkm, for your friendly advice.I know , there are small, small mistake in lines.It is due to some trouble in use of mouse,less time and extra.Thank you once again.your comments boost my energy level and skill.

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i like all these kolam.thanks for ikolam website.

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very attractive

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Thank you srinidhi sankar and uma raja.