Rangoli: cold porcelain
Created by medha devdas on 2010-03-31,

this s my first cold porcelain project .fr this also i hve nt used any colours fr roses just cp dough fr leaves i hve used fevicryl fabric paint.

Rangoli: cold procelain
Created by medha devdas on 2010-03-14,

this is my second project of my cold porcelain. i hve nt used paint just cp dough.

Rangoli: Quilling card
Created by ankita seth on 2010-03-10,

This was the recent one... i made these paper roses by quilling ...gifted it to my husband on holi Smile

Rangoli: Arthi Plate
Created by Sumathi.v on 2010-03-05,

Another decorative plate wishing and blessing the couple the meaning of life .Starts with one word goes up to 10 words.

Rangoli: Quilling card
Created by ankita seth on 2010-03-05,

my first attempt on quilling ...hope all u like it ...plz do comment

Rangoli: Cold porcelain 2 in 1 napkin holder or curtain ring
Created by medha devdas on 2010-02-20,

I've recycled an empty tape ring, to make a beautiful porcelain napkin holder.

Rangoli: wall hanging
Created by kathriaki70 on 2010-02-18,

This was made with acrylic paint on a placemat. I just wanted to do this small rangoli to put out as a decoration on my front door during festive times.

Rangoli: hand painted Diyas
Created by kiranpadmaja on 2009-10-29,

these diyas have been painted by me...i use fabric colours...

Rangoli: wall hanging
Created by viji_j86 on 2009-10-12,

This is for ikolam cafe, wall decor section.
This I made from shakhiboard and painted and decorated with gold zari and gold glitters. Centre pieces are readymade ones and painted by black and mettalic copper to give a antique look.

Rangoli: Decoupage ganesha
Created by viji_j86 on 2009-08-06,

This work is called decoupage.
This can be done even in terracota pot.But i am afrid that the pot may broken so tried out with cardboard.