Rangoli: Sangu kolam
Created by subashini on 2010-03-14,

this is dotted kolam .dots are fifteen and eight.interlaced.I did it in photoshop.

Rangoli: Kolam
Created by r.suganthy on 2010-02-15,

This kolam was drawn on Margazhi morning.Sangu your comments

Rangoli: ShanguPushpam
Created by Sarasp on 2010-02-11,

Rosy Conchy on a chilled Saturday Margazhi morning. I know the lemon background for the conch looks a bit dull. Any suggestions?

Rangoli: Diwali Rangoli - Contest - 2009
Created by jayashree_v on 2009-11-02,

had made this rangoli outside (on the road)...though the design doesn't have any lamps...i love this rangoli a lot so made it...the dots are 27 to 14 (in between dots)...

Rangoli: Sangu kolam
Created by Sumathi.v on 2009-08-19,

The dot count for this kolam is 7 ,6,5,4,3,2,1 and an extension of 3,2,1 on top and bottom for two Sanku's on top and two on bottom.

Rangoli: paDikOlam - 5
Created by jkmrao on 2009-08-02,

A simple paDi kOlam is displayed here. It has a central lotus with eight petals. You may find Sankha, chakra, gadA and padmA on the sides. The outer border has tulasi. As purandaradAsa says, hari will not accept worship without tulasI.

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Shankupooja.
Created by rajamma_2 on 2009-07-27,

Before keeping the Shanku in pooja, we did small pooja few days back..since So many Shankas decorate most of our kolam and recent mOhanaji's padikolam with shaded shanku, i thought I'll upload this. It is a Valampuri Shanku.

Rangoli: Mahashivarathri Rangoli
Created by brindhanagesh on 2009-02-23,

We worshipped Mahashivaratri by making a rangoli of Shiv-Parvati-Ganesh.

Rangoli: Shanku Kolam
Created by mvrajitha on 2009-02-16,

Star shape of shankus put on one of the friday morning.

Created by Sarasp on 2009-02-02,

This is another Shankh kolam done during Margazhi & one of my favourite too.