paDikOlam - 5

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A simple paDi kOlam is displayed here. It has a central lotus with eight petals. You may find Sankha, chakra, gadA and padmA on the sides. The outer border has tulasi. As purandaradAsa says, hari will not accept worship without tulasI.

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: paDikOlam - 5


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Padikolam surrounded by THulsi looking very devine.Just I was imagining how u r going to use Thulsi for ur next creation.mOhanaji, u have an unique style in presenting things.
The child in me is enjoying the lolypop like Ghadhai!

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mOhanaji it looks very beautiful.ha!! few weeks back have commented for one of ur rangoli that Shanka,chakra,gadha,padma.... so now iam seeing one rangoli with that items....ur sooo great mOhanaji. I think this matches for krishnaashtami as thulsi added.
mOhanaji .. " Thulsi illadha pooje vollano hari " ( i.e. hari will not accept worship without tulasI ) .. you got the song.

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The song goes like this way, and not as originally commented by me,

Ollano hari kollano..
ella sadhanaviddhu tulasi illadha pooje...

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Harere.... i am finding any thing missed...JKMji
ok ok i got it, that is sri Vishnu NAAMA...?
your concept really Super JKM ji

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unique and noval kolam,i think why u teach us like this kolams.wonderful imagination mOhanaji.

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So nicely done with all that adores Mahavishnu

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Its totally Sacred & Divine, JKMji......