connect the dots

Rangoli: Elephant kolam
Created by nithyaashok on 2011-09-06,

Due to time constraint iam uploading some small kolams tried out in white board.

Rangoli: Dotted kolam 21-3-3
Created by srichak on 2011-09-04,

Drawn in front of my house on Thursday for Vinayaka Chavithi. This is 21 dots 3 rows and upto 3 dots (straight dots). Waiting for your views....

Rangoli: Bhajan - small one
Created by Padma karthik on 2011-08-30,

This is also done this sunday on account of bhajan in our house.

Rangoli: Fish Kolam
Created by nithyaashok on 2011-08-28,

I know iam too late to upload this kolam. But due to time constrain iam not able to do that last week. so uploading it now for your views.

Rangoli: KT kolam
Created by Padma Prakash on 2011-08-25,

This kolam was done on Kitchen Top. The dot count is 10 X 10 equal dots. I liked the design and hence did this. Your views please..........

Rangoli: triple b kolam
Created by umaraja on 2011-06-26,

my bbbirdies kolam was done with rajamma mams wet maavu birdies as an inspiration , ur comments pls

Rangoli: Pastel colors - Thread strokes - Birds : Color Scheme
Created by admin on 2009-12-09,

Birds rangoli. Dot count: 26x6

The strokes are textured. This rangoli is part of an example of color scheme. Check out this page: for details!

Rangoli: Neon colored strokes - Color Scheme: Birds
Created by admin on 2009-12-09,

The strokes for this rangoli are neon colored. Actually, they look like "javvu mittai" the rubbery, syrupy candy that I used to like a long time back!

Rangoli: Deepaala muggu
Created by gayathriprasad on 2009-03-28,

This is a dotted rangoli, dots for this rangoli is 12x1. neeru chukkalu.

Parrots eating chilli peppers rangoli
Created by Lata on 2004-01-13,

Did you know that the Vitamin A in peppers brightens the birds' plumage, and the Capsaicin helps combat the intestinal problems in parrots and macaws? That is why our parrots are always fed with the best of the Serrano, Cayenne, and the chili peppers available.