KT kolam

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This kolam was done on Kitchen Top. The dot count is 10 X 10 equal dots. I liked the design and hence did this. Your views please..........

Rangoli: KT kolam


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One of my favorite designs that I made quite often on my grandma's frontyard, during vacations in my childhood days. I like your extensions around the main kolam. Smile

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excellent design and looks very bright and beautfiul padma,

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Superb design! i too have it in my gallery, Lovely stroke, bright and neat!

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this looks very bright and nw a days ur wks are more neater padma

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Beautiful bright kolam. I too liked the design and your extensions.

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very pretty design you have done in KT padma mam. so so neat and bright

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so cute padma!-suguna murugesan

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Very well done KT kolam Padma. This kolam with curly borders look so beautiful.

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Thank You Lata - hope your workload has come down a little. And we are very have to see ur comments again.
Thank you Susha,NItya, Uma, Veena, Vasanthi, Suguna and Soumi for your loving comments.

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Wow...padma nice to see ur bb kolams ...this one is too good pa....

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very beautiful kolam

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Wow Padma, cute kolam on the kitchen top, i guess u have reused kolapodi.

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lovely black and white kolam padma with beautiful strokes.

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Thank you RAni - its KT kolam, Alamelu, @Pushpa- S ur guess is 100% correct and Bala for your comments.

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KT or BB, white or used color powder,.... all your kolams are bright and beautiful. This design is very cute.

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Nice kolam Padma.


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This kolam is superb, very good swastik design, but I think the dot count is 9-9

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