marapaachi dolls

Rangoli: Marapachi @ Kolu
Created by jayashree_v on 2009-10-23,

This is how i had decorated my Marapachi during Kolu 2009...but forgot to post it for the competition ...

Rangoli: Marapaachi dolls for Golu
Created by shilpa.kswamy on 2009-10-03,

Note: I found this image in a mailbox that I don't usually check. In spite of the instructions, this was emailed and I found it accidentally. So, I could not include it in the lot of images that were uploaded directly.

Rangoli: Marapaachi dolls for Golu
Created by ArchanaSriram on 2009-10-02,

The marapachi bommais have been decorated with stones, gold foil and paint by my grandmother

Rangoli: Marapaachi dolls for Golu
Created by vimala_v on 2009-10-02,

Here are my decorated sets of marapaachi dolls.

Rangoli: Golu Marapachi Doll
Created by Sarasp on 2009-10-01,

Hi Lata,

Thanks for your feedback. As requested pls find attached the closeup shot of the marapachi dolls. Thanks

Rangoli: Mara paachi Doll Decoration
Created by bhanukannan on 2009-09-30,

Mara paachi Doll Decoration done as a part of our Navarathri Golu Celebrations. Fasion jewelllery used for the decoration.

Rangoli: marappachi doll for contest
Created by preethirajaganesh on 2009-09-27,

i have decorated this marappachi doll for kolu. it came so beautiful this time. how was it.

Rangoli: "Golu marapachi doll".
Created by baaz on 2009-09-23,

This is how we decorated our Marapaachi doll. These two dolls are my favourite ones.

Rangoli: Marapaachi dolls for Golu
Created by Ramya Bhaskar on 2009-09-22,

Marapaachi dolls for Golu section.

Rangoli: Golu marapachi doll
Created by on 2009-09-22,

Decorated marapachi with red/gold beads, silk cloth and gold satin ribbon for borders. The single earring on the male is coz my husband wears one! Wink