marappachi doll for contest

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i have decorated this marappachi doll for kolu. it came so beautiful this time. how was it.

Rangoli: marappachi doll for contest


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Bride and groom make a grand pair! Saree is tied nicely, so also the dhothi!

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Wow! Nice.

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Nice decoration and dressing. the eyes look slightly bold, other alankarams are beautiful

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very beautiful

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Very good work. The bride looks quite modern with her lipstick Smile Congratulations and good luck!

Regards! - mOhana

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very neatly done

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this ancient marappachi bommai looks beautiful with modern costume, sleeveless blouse, neatly tucked saree, wearing ornamental hip belt, lipstick.... i want to know from which parlour this marappachi bommai went to decorate herself like this. so beautiful and lively.

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this minor marappachi doll is wearing beautiful costume and onething is missing that is, the great minor chain. simply beautiful

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good looks nice.

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Neat dressing

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make up is good.

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Lovely stonework costumes Preethi Smile

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I know it is a very old post and not sure if anyone will receive updated for this comment. But anyone have any idea about where to get these marappachi dolls? I want to buy this for my kid.