Golu marapachi doll

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Decorated marapachi with red/gold beads, silk cloth and gold satin ribbon for borders. The single earring on the male is coz my husband wears one! Wink

Rangoli: Golu marapachi doll


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பட்டு மாமி & கிட்டு மாமா ரொம்ப ஜோர்! அலங்காரம் சிம்பிள்-ஆ இருந்தாலும் அழகா இருக்கு. இரண்டே கலர் ஆனாலும் எடுப்பா தெரியுது!

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Madisar Mami jolikireenga romba.

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This jody really cute in red and white dress combination. looks like next door Maama and Maami going to the temple.Man's smiling face, ladies shy face are very nice.

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Madusaar kattu looks fantastic!!!

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Madisarkattu for Marapachi pommai very jore. It is like Perumal and Thayar.
by Vasantha

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Very good work. I like the closeup picture. Nicely dressed up. Why does the groom have only one ear ring? Congratulations and good luck!

Regards! - mOhana

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mOhanaji, she has already told the reason for one ear ring.
Vasanthaji, I think they are Shiva and Parvathi.... see the Viboothi in the males fore head and the style of nine yard saree worn, which is Iyer style.

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Maama and maami are really a super jodi and great work with maroon and white.

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it looks very nice

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Simple and neat decoration

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Though this is simple - it looks grand - the colour combination does it all...

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Wow, I never realised that u can add so much beauty and grace to marapachi bommai,