Marapaachi dolls for Golu

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The marapachi bommais have been decorated with stones, gold foil and paint by my grandmother

Rangoli: Marapaachi dolls for Golu


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Wise thinking to use marapachis for Gods instead of clay or paper-mash. All along, I've seen marapachis dressed as bride and groom etc., Hope this is not bought as it is!

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very nice decorations.Gold painting gives a very grand look.

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Very good work! Could have given prominence only to the wooden dolls. Congratulations and good luck!

Regards! - mOhana

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Very beautifully decorated doll sets.
I'm wondering if all the sets seen at the forefront, in this picture are marapaachi dolls (4 pairs). How about the dolls in the sitting position? Are they marapaachi dolls too? Please let us know. Smile

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Very creative to do the dressing with gold gives a rich feeling..nicely done.

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which one is marappachi doll?

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very nice decorations......

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nice decorations.

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Lovely decorations Archana Smile

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It is very nice. Now a day getting marapachchi dolls are very difficult. Still you managed to collect the same. Its Great.