The Blue star rangoli for hanukkah

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About The Blue star rangoli for hanukkah :

For Hanukkah.

Dotted Kolam (connected dots)
Dotted kolam
star of david


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i like this website very much. i would like to see many kolam patterns and rangoli designs for my use!!!

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I like this website very much. because, it's realyy like a miiror to our tamil traditional kolams.very usaeful for beginners also.

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Kalai and Sumathi, I'm glad you like the site, and hope you'll visit us often and also share some of your work too Smile

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hi lata ma'am it's very nice.i hope "I KOLAM" will also blink like a star in our hearts for ever.

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Hi, ikolam when is your birthday,
i dont know more words to say about ikolam but i am trying to tell like this:-
"mudh-mudhagi yellara kaleyannu akarshakavagi seledhu
ninna sundara E belakina nakshtradhalli bandhisideya
ninage nanna anantha dhanyavadhagallu"

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Radha, I don't understand Kannada and Telugu (or Malayalam, and many other languages for that matter), but I do understand some words like nakshstra, anantha and dhanyavadhagallu.
I don't remember the exact date when ikolam was born; seems like ages ago, but I can verify and let you know one of these days. Smile

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In a cute way you bring out the art in everybody
O, I have been imprisoned
in this beautiful glow of this star's light
When is your birthday, ikOlam,
and I offer my countless thanks to you!

This is my loose translation of what rAdhAjI wanted to say.

Regards! - mOhana

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Mohanaji, that was quick (you are a walking talking dictionary, you might beat google at this range!) Smile
Thank you once again Radha. Smile

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No, it was rAdhAjI who mentioned it in one of her comments asking me. She mentioned a star kOlam, but I didn't know which one. But after seeing the comments here I understood that this must be the one.

Regards! - mOhana

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That star kolam is correct....& Thank you for your help Jkmji... perfectly translated by you

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beautiful glowing stars...i like this one..

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it is an nice rangoli

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beautiful stars.

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Hi, I am from Bangalore. I tried this Star kolam. Wow!!! Everybody congratulated me and the credit goes to you. Thank you so much.

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I hope it is a traditional very nice. Thank you, pls provide traditional Ragolies


Rajeshwari S Rao
Note: pls what is Kolam

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Very nice kolam. The colouring has added beauty to it. I will try it at the very next opportunity.

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Wow Lata dear, this star kolam looks so cute in the subtle colors that are used. Cute one.

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lata beautiful creation, esp. the different blue colours are so nice.

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Blue beauty!!!

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beautiful glowing stars.. Smile