Valentine's day rangoli

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This is a doted rangoli, dots for this rangoli is 11 X 1 staright dots. This ia drawn by Bharathi and my self for Valentine's day.


Lakshmi & Bharathi.

Rangoli: Valentine's day rangoli


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It looks so pretty Bharathi and Lakshmi. I threw out my pink and red candies after I saw this beauty in the queue. Nice bubble bum pink shade and blood red colors. Smile

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Your plumb healthy HEARTS are looking great.Both yours and Bharathi's hearts combined in wishing us thru this rangoli?

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Hearts-hearts everywhere, all filled with love!

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You put your kolam with clever Lakshmi.your heart mingled with Raghu heart and at the same time also join with many hearts.

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nice pattern of hearts, i like the way the hearts are combined & colored....and the bordered line of hearts looks like paDi of hearts....dhanyavaadagaLu lakshmiaware and bharathiji

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Lakshmi and Bharathi, thanks for pretty love kolam. You both have very big hearts to have many tiny hearts (ours) inside. Nice creation.

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lakshmi,OMG soo many hearts for Raghu.He should have been a happy hearted person yesterday Smile

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Hi friends many many thanks for ur sweet/lovely way only one heart to Raghu all others for ikolam friends..okeyyyy hehehe

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Wow such bright and beautiful hearts - that too all except one for ikolam friends - thanks a ton Lakshmi for the love Smile

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What a lovely friend we have ,ie Lakshmi!!!!

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Nice big hearts:) The pattern of hearts inside the hearts is very nice aunty Smile

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Laks,Bharathi, your twin coloured heart looks very nice and beatifully drawn. Thanks for your love for all of us. the centre design looks very pretty.