Red and white Padi Kolam

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About Red and white Padi Kolam:

This is a smaller version of Padikolam normally we put in Kalyaanam(weddings). Wet rice maavu is used because it will stay longer. For a change I have interchanged the red and white color.(Usual practice is white kolam with red border).

rice batter
Rangoli: Red and white Padi Kolam


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The color switching looks refreshing! Pretty Padi kolam.

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preety pink kolam !rajamma ma'm.

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Ordinay people do different things in simple way. But Extra-ordinary people do simple things in different ways. Hats Off to you.

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Rajamma madam,yes I also go with Nalini madam.what she said is right.

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LOOKS coooLLLL Rajamma mam

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Patti and I have made this tounge twister for this kolam.
It goes like this:
Patti put a pretty pink padi kolam.The padi kolam was very pretty.Then patti took a photograph of the pretty pink padi kolam.Then she sent it to ikolam.
Hope you enjoy my patti's pretty pink padi kolam!