once again padikolam

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About once again padikolam:

Rajamma madam, I think this time I did it fifty percent.This kolam is in my mind for almost one month.

Rangoli: once again padikolam


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Subhashini it come out very nice.

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Thanks lakshmi.But I am not satisfied.

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Very nice work subhashini

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On the whole it looks good!

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Subashini in general it looks really very nice - but like you said it needs somre more perfection. One small tip to draw straight lines horizontally or vertically is while drawing the line hold the shift key down and pull the cursor to the point where you want the line to end, it will come straight, that way you can perfect horizontal and vertical lines... then you can copy the straight line and rotate it to whichever angle you want thereby creating straight lines diagonally too... try and see na??

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sorry Lata - technical mistake.. my comment got posted twice... please delete one of them... thanks.

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Thank you rads.

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Thank you jaya madam.

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Thank you jude.You are only person,searching me.once again my special Thanks for that.And also thanks for your tips.But my problem is not the lines drawing,shivering hands.In this kolam I tried curves line to fill.I will try your tips next time to draw lines.

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Subhashini, 'Muyarchi Thiruvinai aakkum'( trying hard will yeild good result).So you prooved it.I never thought my Padikolam design has impressed you so much that it is getting improved version in your computer hand.Thanks for popularising this design.
You are capable of doing your own design in padikolam, pl try.

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Subashini Ma'am, It is totally awesome...... Love the way You bring out the Perfection in Your Art with constant practice.....

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hi mam its very nice

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Thank you Radha.