Rajamma aunty's puzzle-chikku kolam

chandhini.selvaraj Mon, 07/09/2012 - 23:22

pretty nice strokes with apt coloring ammu...great you could complete in time. I put the dots on paper, but could not continue, now i can copy, different versions :bigsmile:
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Ammu, you have arrived at a different but correct solution! I like the blue and yellow combination of your kolam! Where is amma's?
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Well done Ammu! :) you have given a different dimension to the original kolam.A little modification here and there but the outcome is a super finish! I thought you will refer mum's gallery and win the competetion!http://www.ikolam.com/node/23035. The yellow /blue combination is lovely, Thanks for spending your valuable time in participating and gifting us a cute chikku kolam1 :)
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thank you so much aunty...lovely puzzle..i tried for one hr and found out the solution..had good time in trying out..i dint know about mom's version..give us lot more puzzles aunty:):)
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So nice of u ammu to spend some time inspite of ur ongoing on-line tests at TCS....wake-up...come and see how everybody r liking ur version :bigsmile:
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Excellent work Chandini...lovely colour combination and a different solution too...beautiful :)
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