Photoshop Rangoli

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About Photoshop Rangoli : PRINT

This is another lamps kolam done using photoshop with dot count 25-1. Not a satisfactory one, yet felt like sharing with you all. Hope you all like it.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Photoshop Rangoli


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Why da push...this is an absolutely beautiful one dear....d lamp cols r also so different...d outer red border throughout d kolam is also very nice push.. Smile

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Very beautiful Pushpa...looks too good with those borders. Why you are not satisfied with this???

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woow this kolam is sooooooooo soft and pleasing.

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Hmm I cant see this on the main page but visible in the gallery... I wonder how??/ hmm anyways tx Sowmy, Ranima, and Balama.

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Hey d homepage...just straight to d dotted kolam...there is "more" we click it... it leads to a full page of dotted kolams na...hope u would've noticed it dear... Smile

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Lovely lamp kolam pushpa.

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looks cute and colorful,, must favour for karhigai

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Very beautiful one.