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Rangoli: Photoshop Rangoli
Created by dibbutn on 2011-11-28,

This is another lamps kolam done using photoshop with dot count 25-1. Not a satisfactory one, yet felt like sharing with you all. Hope you all like it.

Created by ammuchandhini on 2011-08-27,

Hai to all...this 25x1 dotted kolam was done by me recently...hope u like it...eagerly waiting for ur views....

Rangoli: kalasa kolam
Created by BharathiKRaman on 2011-08-20,

this was put for varalakshmi pooja infront of our house,25 to 1 straight dots.

Created by ammuchandhini on 2011-06-11,

Hai to all...this 25-1 dotted kolam was done by me...hope u like it...ur views pl....

Rangoli: Dotted kolam
Created by ammuchandhini on 2010-10-17,

Hai to all...this dotted kolam...25-1 dots was done by me...ur views pl....3

Rangoli: elephant kolam
Created by marees on 2010-09-09,

This kolam has dots (25 to 1 ) mid dots. This was drawn in paper but when it is drawn in floor it looks very beautiful try it.

Rangoli: Sikku Kolam
Created by chandy on 2010-09-03,

Dots 25(1), 23(1), 19(2), 15(2), 11(2), 7(2), 3(2), 1
Kolam from a supplement to Mangayair Malar. Sister Veni has also submitted this kolam. Have made slight changes in the centre part.

Rangoli: Sikku Kolam - 28
Created by P.Veni on 2010-08-30,

Hello Friends,This big sikku kolam drawm today Dots-25-1.How is it!!!

Rangoli: Sikku Kolam - 23
Created by P.Veni on 2010-08-17,

Hi Friends,this big sikku kolam drawn on saturday in front of my house.dots-25-1.views please...

Rangoli: Lotus Blooms
Created by dibbutn on 2010-03-30,

This is a kolam with dot counts 25 to 1 straight dots, I dont have so much space to draw on the floor so using MS paint ... Hope you like it