ammuchandhini's picture

Hai to all...this kuzhal kolam is done by me for d 7th day of navarathri...i wanted to try one jingucha col for one layer but got messed up towards d col symmetry is missing......ur views pl...



jasree's picture

Ammu Mam!! Kalakareenga!! Edutha kuzhala kezhe vaikkalaya innum.

ammuchandhini's picture

Thanks pa Jasree...innum 2 naal bakki irukkeppa....he he...

Indubabu's picture

Dear Ammu madam, I live in Abu Dhabi. My mother is here now. She is very much interested in kolams and draws nice kolams. She has copied all your kolams in her note book and will be drawing them in front of our house in chennai during Margazhi. Thank you.

subashini's picture

pachcha color gingucha mattum dhaanay missing Rani, maththa color yellam nalladhanay vandhirukku.poovellam iduppil kai vaiththu "gingucha" dance aaduvadhu pole irukku.

vijaysowmya's picture

very beautiful kuzhal kolam....your designs are also very have used less colour which enhances the beauty of the kolam...

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u Indubabu sooo much...I have never heard anything like this....convey my luv and thanks to ur mom...Rajamma mam ....neenga oru TEERKADARISI....annikke sonneengale...ur kolams r like chat phat phata-phat recepies ...every body would like to try it instantlynnu....soooo true....

ammuchandhini's picture

Thanks Suba and Sowmya....

anirudh's picture

wow... the glowing glory...the colored borders have ehanced the design more

Vinci's picture

You are making wonders Rani... Yethanai thadavai thaan ullam kollai poga pogutho???

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u Anirudh and thanks pa Vinci....I was waiting since morning to see ur comment....innum rendu naal thaanpa...appuram unga ullam kollai pogadu...I ...yells my daughter...inge queuele innum bakki irukkam....he he....

Vinci's picture

Oru mudivodu thaan irukinga.. Mmm nadathunga nadathunga...

jayamohan's picture

Jokers laughing around with flower collars?enakku appadi theriyudhu!

sreegiri's picture

very nice kolam .

P.Veni's picture

One of the best kuzhal kolams of your's,rani..Jasree,rani innum kuzhala kezhe vaikkalai.

toindhu's picture

Rani maam this one truly is a master piece. very very very nice.

smahalakshmi's picture

Supera irukku Rani mam.


ammuchandhini's picture

Thanks Vinci(mudiville...aarambam thaan...he he...), thank u jaya mam(appadiya....ivvalavu kashtappattu pottu kadesiyil jokernnuttele...romba than ponga..), sreegiri, veni, indu mam and maha...for ur sweet comments....

anubalki's picture

Wow! Very nice design!Did you do any magic to your kuzhal? : ) Beautiful kolam

Vinci's picture

Rani enakku jokers theriyalai, raani thennikkal thaan therikinrana..

dibbutn's picture

Rani maam excellent work dear... I can see that the kolam is so charming so charming that is as charming as you dear... very well done... you r becoming versatile in everything pa... your inspiring me to do kuzhal kolam now

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u anu, vinci...again and thanks da last waiting to see ur try in kuzhal make it fast pa....

indira sundar's picture

Excellent Rani... yepudi eppuddi ellam varudupaa. unga kaiya nan oru naal paarkanum...-Indira Sundar

ammuchandhini's picture

Adakkadavule...indra mam....rombbbbba overppa....thanks a lot....

judelined's picture

Bery bery nice Rani - so sorry - very very nice Rani. You have done this so neatly and made it beautiful - especially the yellow colour is making the entire kolam glow - great work Rani Smile

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u u want some berries in this season....where would I go searching for it...oh my god....ha...haa...

rajamma_2's picture

Rani, ippo dhaan nidhaanama onga Navrathri kolangalai rasikkiren. Jaya sonnadhu pole jokers with red lips and flower collars with a tiny kireedam laughing in this kolam!In notime u have made the kuzhal as your servent... onga kai sonnadhai kuzhal azhagaa pottirukku. Vannangalum pramaadham. Idhu chat pat receipe illai, paarththu rusikka vendiya virundhu!

veena manigandan's picture

Nice and creative! Amazing designs from the kuzhal - good work!