rangoli without dots

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About rangoli without dots:

hai to all this is a freehand rangoli done by me .. yr views pl...

Rangoli: rangoli without dots


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rani beautiful desigh.

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Rani your kolam looks bright because I think you put broad strokes. Do you use ujala for your kolapodi (hehe) Blum 3

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Judy maam well said... really Ammu maam your kolapodi is so bright and white... this design looks pretty ... kaavi yengai?

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thank u usha mam judy pushpa mam for ur comments...judy...i mix rice flour with usual kolamaavu...thats why i think it looks bright...pushpa mam...this was done on a saturday so no kaavi....

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beautiful kolam looks bright and nice design.

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looks very nice..bright and beautiful..oh!!saturday is holiday for Kaavi???good keep it up...

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very nice romba azhaka irukku mam

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Wow, ammu/rani (why this name I dont know?) really wonderful . So neat . without colours also looking great. Thank you.

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புள்ளி கோலத்திலும், ப்ரீ ஹான்ட் கோலத்திலும் கலக்குறீங்க ராணி Smile

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"S", it is good Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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thank u sreegiri mam lakshmi alamelu mam padma mam brinda mam and jkm sir...for ur comments...padma mam my name is rani selvaraj and ammu/chandhini is my daughter's name...as it was she who registered in ikolam with her name...that's why this confusion...ippo okva...

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Wow nice design Raniji. Very well drawn.

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beautiful, looks very neat

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thank u padma and anirudh...

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Rani, as Judy said ur kolam is bleached with some magic. Very bright and attractive it looks.

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Bright and beautiful Raniji.-Indira