Nal Varavu

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About Nal Varavu:

Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: Nal Varavu by RaghaRadha

Freehand Rangoli
Rangoli: Nal Varavu


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Welcome to KAVERI COMES to Tamilnadu to do prosperous the LAND & LIFES of all Agriculturists & in turn all other peoples's life on this VERY AUSPICIOUS DAY OF AADIPERUKKU. Smile :bigsmile: Smile

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Wow so beautiful color shading

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Thank U Kavita for yr. nice appreciation. :bigsmile:

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Sooper creative rangoli

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Thank U Vasu for yr. sooper comments. :bigsmile: Smile

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What a great thought and a heart and that too a nice Nalvaravu.... Superb... :love:

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Thank U Abhi for yr. super comments. :bigsmile: Smile

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Nalla Varavu ungal Nalvaravu :love: :star: :star:

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Nandri Netravin Nalla Ninaippirkku. :bigsmile: Smile

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Oh, so this was for Aadi perukku! I admired your nalvaravu rangoli, when I browsed through all rangolis, but didn't read the comments at the bottom at first. Now I got the complete picture. :bigsmile:
What bold letters in white! A pretty greeting card rangoli. Thank you for this lovely wish, both in style and in thoughts. :love:

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Thank U Lata FOR YR. caring comments. :bigsmile: Smile

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Wow great idea mam............... :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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tHANK u RASI. Smile