Lentils & pulses

Rangoli done with nine grains
this is a kolam of goddess sarasvathi made entirely of grains,navadhanyam-nine types of grains.this kolam was made at 'Temple of Fine Arts,at Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur-a dance academy where Indians and other races send their kids learn traditional Indian arts such as sangeetham,bharatham,kuchipodi,kathakali,kathak and learning of indian musical instruments aka veena,flute,sittar...since the place got to do with arts and learning,they(members of the academy) created this kolam to invoke and pay respect towards her during navarathri on sarasvathi pooja.enjoy viewing.a real blessings for the eyes.
This is the kolam with food grains. This is for Friday on Nvarathri.
This is the rangoli made by me for a rangoli competition held here in Dubai... the theme was Navarathri and instructions were that only plant materials should be used to make the rangoli. (and i won the 1st prize for this)
Dear friends I know this is very very silly but frankly speaking I am very much attracted by the oov kolam of our dear sowmya .yesterday I was about to soak the tuvar dal instantly I got one jatka I pulled one old table of mine which can’t stand straight in his leg always dancing …..on that dancing I tried this .(very difficult to control the legumes on the dancing table they started running here and there .Sowmya sorry for not taking your approval .please give me a feed back
hai friends, recently i bought granite for kolams(for saving kola podi also). so i started with this navadhaniya pillaiyar. hope u like this...
This is one of my navarathri rangolis. Copied design from Rajamma's earlier uploads. She has done this with rangoli powder and flowers. So I tried with navadhanyam.
This sangu pullaiyaar was made out of cereals,Background material used is veppam poo.Outline is given with javvarisi.
Hi please post your comments on this lentil rangoli which I did at Bradford Mela on 12th and 13th June 2010. Thanks, Regards, Manjula.
I did this for the multicultural night at my daughter's school. As always, used rajma beans, moong dal, masoor dal, green moongm barley and some chori dal(the small red ones). Hope you all like it!!
A welcome sign created with lentils and grains for navaratri 2009
My ganesh chathurthi pillaiyar made by clay back ground and for decorating i used nava-dhanyam.
This is a navadhanya Ganesha. Used all navadhanyas and drawn on a cardboard.
This was made by my daughter Srenithy. She always helps me in the kitchen.