Navadhanya square kolam

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About Navadhanya square kolam:

This is one of my navarathri rangolis. Copied design from Rajamma's earlier uploads. She has done this with rangoli powder and flowers. So I tried with navadhanyam.

navrathri 2010
Rangoli: Navadhanya square kolam


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Ellaarum paaththeengalaa?Akkaa kolathai thangai evvalavu arumayaa copy panni innum azgagaa present panneettaanga illayaa?
( friends I had been to chennai during the Navrathri holidays and had a good time with ikolam friends who visited Jaya's Golu. I am sorry I could not visit others. I enjoyed all the nice nice kolams last week uploaded , but due to lack of time could not comment individualy. Hope u all understand.Three cheeres for ALL the kolams released last week)

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Lovely design and the placement of cloves and cereals looks wonderful ! With the light color background with toor daal the kolam just stands out !! Jaya mam' when I saw the navadhanya pullaiyar y/day I was searching for this kolam..:)

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Grambu alankaaram latest addition after we left?

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Amazing work once again! What doesn't surprise me is the way you turn each and every gram dal on to one side (everyone is seated so neatly). Reminds me of the Kathakali rangoli. Smile

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Wow...Jaya mam...this is too good....with urs and Rajamma mam's permission I am going to try this is it o.k with u.......

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Wow...really superb...hats off to your patience...very clean and neatly done...i like the way cloves are used...navarathri special navadhanya kolam...

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dear jayamma .
navathaniyam kolam super .kolam i try this for deepavali day .
kala.krishnaraj .18th oct 2010

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Jaya I am literally speechless - every grain plays an important part in this awesome piece of art by the way you have uniformly arranged them. Colour selection is done very carefully to make the entire kolam glow. White segoo border is lovely. Maybe you should have put a white outline for the paddy in the four corners too - would have looked better I think. E X C E L L E N T Smile

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so good navadhaaniya kolam jaya.

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Navadhanya kolam super O super, words.

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Marvellous work. Jaya Mam, this is another master piece of yours (even though the kolam design is copied from your sister).


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Very nice handiwork. The grains have been arranged beautifully. It iooks colourful too.

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Superb creation Jayaji. Perfect curvings.

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Thank you all, for your comments and encouragements!
Judy, you are correct, I should have put a white border around the paddy also.
Grambu(clove) suggestion is by Lakshmi!
Rani, please try this on kuzhal also! No need of permission among members!

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Beautiful navadhanyam kolam. Nice design and clear arrangements .

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Quality submission. Very impressive ND kolam.

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Aha, jaya the kolam now looks very pretty than looking in person.
(Added the block ones afterwards?)

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Astounding Display Jaya Maam. The colors are rightly placed for a striking look. The cloves give a final touch to this wonderful rangoli.. For sure I don't have the patience like yours.. Thanks for sharing this excellent art..

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Come to think of it, is this the same board that was used as a base for the Kathakali rangoli? Smile

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yes Lata, same palagai I used for kathakali face!

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Jaya Mam!!! Very Nice Navadhanya kolam. I admire your patience.

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Fantastic work Jayaji....-Indira Sundar

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manni simply superb kolam nerl apakkaratha vida photala romba azhaga iruku

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lovely design jayaji, i had also tried this for last deepaavaLi card and partly in origami. nice to see your creation in navadhanya...lovely saabudaana/sabbakki border and the clove flowers adding to the beauty...thanks for sharing

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Hi Mam, I am visiting this site after a very long time and saw this very lovely navadhanya rangoli of yours. Since I have also been doing some of these, I really enjoyed looking at it and cannot take my eyes off. A very beautiful combination of colors executed with so much precision. I am sure will try the same design one day.

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I am visiting the site after a while and only saw this today. Too good! The arrangements and placement are just beautiful! krambu is the highlight

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Wow! What a Great creativity. No words mam .Great imagination will definitely take tips from you and try to learn more and more from you .nee your blessings

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Superb Jaya mam. your art works are really nice.. Arthy