Navadhanyam Rangoli

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Rangoli done with nine grains

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Rangoli: Navadhanyam Rangoli


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Well thought and well created!!! Innovative!! Congrats on rod. Smile

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Thnk u...

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Good idea! Nice combinations!

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Thnx ma'am

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good idea very creative

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Lovely and congrats on ROD. B T W, what all have you used. I can see mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, green gram, split black gram, brown rice,sesame seeds...

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Thnk u..... Starting from the outer line Black til, Kollu (horse gram), green gram, Nellu(rice with husk), black gram, soya, kala channa, mochai and wheat in the centre.

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Thanks a lot!

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indeed innovative idea dear.awesome

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Thnk u....