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About Lotus:

This Kolam was made using Paintbrush option on computer. Number of dots is 7 x 7. Have many kolams but using this method is tedious. I would appreciate if someone could enlighten me on the appropriate tool or software that I could use to easily draw the kolams. Thanks hope you like it.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Lotus


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Lotus looks nice

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I think 'photoshop' is ideal for making kolams on computer. I'm sure, Judy can throw more light on this!

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In my opinion Photoshop is definitely the best software to draw kolams - I find it very easy - but a lot of practice is needed... I first learned to draw on the computer using MS Paint only. MS Paint is like a Slate and Photoshop is like a Notebook..

Check my gallery Dibbutn - all my kolams are drawn using Photoshop only..

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Yes Dibbutn, I second what Judy mentioned. Photoshop is the best software.
After you are done checking out Judy's gallery, check out Lata Kalaimani's gallery too, she too, had used Photoshop a lot! Smile

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how many dots

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Cute little Lotuses..... Keep up your good work, Dibbuji....

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Thanks everyone for your valuable comments... I really appreciate it...