Kaikari Thattu : Vege- platter

viji_j86 Thu, 11/06/2008 - 12:45

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Laxmi, The vegetables were madeup of shipakar(M.Seal). Outline were given by 3d outliner paint. Small glasses are used around. For centre piece, round carboard and velvetclothpasted over it and beads work done on the cloth. All these plates i made at home in the afternoons of Navarathiri.In the evening there will be grand puja for 9 days at the temple in our colony.. I used to keep these plates above the kolam ,underneeth the Unjal(Jula) where Madha Devi is decorated ed.I found it hard to put kolam underneath the unja(jula) So I prepared at home and placed it there underneath the unjal like Rankoli.
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