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  • Aarthi plate
  • Aarthi plate
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  • Thambulam Plate
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Rangoli: Small Pillayar Kolam
Created by sangeetha.saunder on 2015-09-22,

Small kolam for pillayar chathurthi done on plate.Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: Small Pillayar Kolam by sangeetha.saunder

Rangoli: Aarthi plate
Created by manivasuki62 on 2012-03-14,

This plate is decorated using satin ribbon

Rangoli: Aarthi plate
Created by manivasuki62 on 2012-03-09,

This plate is decorated with paper flowers

Rangoli: Aarthi plate
Created by manivasuki62 on 2012-03-08,

I made this plate decoration
using metallic colours

Rangoli: Simple Design
Created by indira sundar on 2011-12-24,

Dear Friends,
The Simple painting was done on a paper plate, when I taught painting to my kids... Your comments ....

Created by Radhikha 3 on 2011-10-06,

Hai to all Last week saturday I made this Durga Painting on the stainless steel plate along with colourful stones to gift it to Aunty who invited us for Kolu (at my brothers friend's Home). Aunty was happy to receive that gift .I have made a single line of finger technique around that for good views. Hope you all like this ..

Created by Karpagam Swaminathan on 2011-09-26,

fill yellow colour in a plate...and then draw the face and the feautures..Eyes and nose with pepper..lips & bindi with red crystals...nose ring with gold balls..This was drawn for my last Navrathri...

Rangoli: aarti plate
Created by Anisha Raghunath on 2011-09-18,

this aarti plate was done by me and my SIL for a pooja....

Rangoli: Thambulam Plate
Created by srichak on 2011-07-29,

Hi! ikolam friends , This thambulam plate is created my me for sister-in-law's Engagement.
Like to hear from all of u.


Rangoli: Clock
Created by indira sundar on 2011-01-03,

Dear Friends,
This is a paperplate clock done by my daughter Srenithy...Your comments please..