copy cat kolam

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This copy cat kolam was created to welcome pushpa .it is one of pushpa kolam.

Rangoli: copy cat kolam


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Yes suba just d other day i was going through push's gallery and was staring at this purple beauty for sometime...lovely ps kolam done by u dear...

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Subha awesome kolam with violet colour on a dark background

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very beautifully done by u Suba.


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Thank you Rani, sudha and maha.

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Suba thank you so much dear, you have done a splendid job using photoshop ... i am so touched, thanks dear.

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I am very happy pushpa dear, as it is your dad's birthday.I dedicate this kolam to your dad as his birthday present , with your permission.

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very lovely subha,

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first i thought it is pushpa's..... ..nice suba !-suguna murugesan

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wow! very nice suba...beautifully drawn in photoshop.

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Thank you uma, suguna and vasanthi.

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Lovely kolam, Suba.... done so nicely too...
All your recent chikku kolams were lovely... I liked the free hand design u had gifted to Dr.Rekha very much.

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Thank you so much sindhu.happy to know you like my kolams.

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Super pushpa kolam done by mam...nice purple colour used.

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Lovely white and violet kolam on the black base. The dots appear like pearls!