Basic Design 2

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It look so many days for me even to draw on the paper. So I donot think I'll be able to reproduce this on the floor.So uploading the paper drawing for you all to taste.

Rangoli: Basic Design 2


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r Wow, Lata, thanks for the instant release.

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wow fantastic mam!!!!suguna murugesan

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wow wonderful superb design rajamma. o what a perfection in drawing superb.

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"aapka yahaa kalakaari
karliya hume beekari
dhedho amma dhedho
aapki todisi kalakaari

sharamse juk gaya hai sir
aapka kosis dhek kar
kya rang laya hai
nathija aapne paya hai
humne hooss koya hai
dhedo amma dhedo
aapka todisi kalakaari "

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chottee chottee shabdhon se bunthee ho thum
Achchee achchee kavithaa kee maala, tho hum
sachme bachche hai thaareef karne ke bhaasha me
Kachche hai hamare kalakaari in kavithavo ke saamne!

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Dera Rekhaji...look down.

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kya kare aapki tarif hum
kavitha mei bi amare baaf hai tum
ab tho such much ke bichari ban gahe hai hum
kaise karonghi kaum hamre ghum

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kya kare aapki taarif hum
kavitha mei bi amare baap hai tum
ab tho such mooch ke bichari ban gahei hai hum
kaise karonghi kam hamare ghum

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Wow.....very very perfect and looks very very pretty on paper Rajamma mam...a fabulous work done by you ...

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Wow wonderful creation from u mam. What to say - very a creative design and well made with colours. Just having a glance shows that design is very complex.

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Very intricate designs, neatly drawn! The colours and shading are fantastic!
- PadmaKarthik

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Wow....beautiful creation by u rajamma mam....konjam symmetry kadanukku thanga...naanum try seyren...haha(pl lend me a little bit of ur symmetry...i too will get d guts to try this...)

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Wow, another feather on your cap!

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No word Ms.Rajam, sooooo perfect, sooo pretty, sooooooo beautiful, soooo attractive, I dont know what else to say.

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Fantastic rajamma mam.

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Wow! soooo beautiful!!

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Rajamma maam, it looks as though u have printed this. Awesome dear, this is such a brilliant job by you. Yes i too would like to borrow some symmetry and your coloring techniques from u.

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Rajamma, I have no word to appreciate this beautiful work. you have very beautifully extended the basic design in a celtic knot pattern. Your hands on experiences with kolams and rangolis can be understood by seeing this work. Beautiful work. My pranams to your hands which did this lovely work.


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Thank you all for your nice comments. I'll be too happy if somebody tries this on the floor.
Rani, after seeing your Kuzhal version only I was tempted to draw this. You are also good in symmetry esp with your Kuzhal. Here I used only paper, pencil and rubber. No scale. So there are some deviations and errors, not much visible.