Peacocks chatting

concept given for this contest is 'dotted design' rangoli.
I have drawn a design resembling a free hand one, but with dots and colored it with my favourite colours.
The dot count is 11-6 inbetween dots and in all six corners three lines of 5 dots in the form of "V" ( pictue attached seperately)


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Wow...awesome peacock design kolam and look at d colouring....too good rajamma mam....tution for such colouring please...all d best mam... :bigsmile:

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Wow...fabulous colouring done by you Rajamma mam...really stunning beauty this is...All the best. Smile

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Superb. Fantastic colouring. :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

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wow splendid rajam amma! stunning kolam! all the best Dirol

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superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb kolam lovely teaching fabulous suoerb feathers looks realistic :bigsmile:

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Stunning beauty..... the peacock feather colouring ....excellent. All the best.

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superoooo superrr excellent has come out very nice...all the best

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Beautiful dancing peacocks with contrasting background. Thanks for the dot grid with the design:)

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super mayil kolam rajamma mam.romba pudusa irukku.the feathers look very real romba romba alaga irukku.super----kanaka

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Wow Extraordinary art on floor, back with a "BANG" maami... awesome coloring and excellent execution... I am admiring this beauty again and again ... Smile Smile

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Wow!!!!!!!!!! excellent dancing peacock rajamma mam.floor colour rum peacock colour rum arumayo arumai.

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This peacock makes us dance nice kolam Smile

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very well drawn and colored tastefully,, al d best mam

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Amazing!!! coloring is really mind blowing!!!!!!!!!!

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wow....superb rajammaji, wonderful shading for the peacocks, i had copied your paper version earlier into my library, now got the real copy to add, thanks soo much for sharing...errr participating Smile

btw the demo picture is also great, nice way of showing dots, good tutorial.

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Thank you all for appreciating and commenting.
Here is the paper drawing of the same from my galllery.

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rajam comments from you in my contest kolams :~ Sad

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:bigsmile: :party:

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wow,wonderful coloring.very nice design too.All the best.

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woooooooooooooooow mesmerizing kolam rajam mam, your colouring is excellent. :star: :star: :star: :star:

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Excellent work mam.. I'm sure even a real peaock is to shy away seeing the beauty of ur Kolam. Beautiful colour and shading work done... :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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Thanks all for your lovely comments Smile

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nice rangoli kolam

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Super kolam mam. flawless

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beautiful peacocks....all the best...

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What a planning! Lovely design, with beautifully shaded and filled work. We appreciate the dotted design done with one bird. Gives a clearer picture to all of us. The blue/green shading on the birds' bodies speaks a lot of your patience and dedication.
Thanks so much for participating in the kolam contest. Smile

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Congratulations, Rajam ma'am for winning this years kolam contest! :bigsmile:

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Congrats rajamma mam...where is d party...rajamma mam veetle paarty:-)

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wow my hearty congratulations rajam amma :party: :party: :party:

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Thank you all for honouring my kolam with your valuable votes.It really recharged my energy level.
Few things to share.
This one was appreciated by all the members at home including my grandson Neel and my Maid ( who has started putting small rangolis and passes true comments on all my kolams .) First I put pink for the flowers but Neel told me he wanted orange color so I Changed it. Remember! Mohanaji while giving tips asked us to get the opinion of youngsters before uploading!( I am wondering why Mohanaji's comments on the contest kolams are missing.)
But I sincely feel that Vijayasowmya is THE WINNER because her total is more. ( one more secret I voted for my works also since I want to encourage myself!!! Wink

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Congratulations Rajamma mam... :party: :party: Your works and comments truly inspire us to do more. Smile

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Congrats mam. Your kolam deserves the 1st prize. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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Rajamma Mam
My hearty congragulations.

Really worth selcting. fentastic kolam.

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wow superb kolam gud one.

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My hearty congragulations. :bigsmile:

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congratulation on winning the contest. Beautifully colord peacock kolam. I like it very much Smile Smile

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congrats.Beautiful and very minute shading.The attached dot count with one design is very much helpful.Whenever I see some dotted kolams ( sply. flower designs,birds )filled with colours,I used to think,if they attach the dot grid seperately joining the dots will be helpful to learn.Hope our friends will follow you.

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congratulations mam
superb.. thohai mayil coloring is fantastic

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Congrats for winning the contest Ms. Rajam..........(Ms.Ever Youth)

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congratulations..... cheers.....

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Beautiful Rajamma. Reminds me the song Asaidhadum mayil onru kandaen by Oothukaadu VS. You have 6 peacocks here chatting to each other.
Neil's suggestion is truly good. Because this orange colour looks very pretty. Had u put pink colour, then the feel and look would have been different which would have not yielded this much beauty.
hats off to your dedication to this art even at this age. TOUCH WOOD.

Congratulations and you deserve it.

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Hi Rajam Maam

Very beautiful Rangoli and truly deserves the first prize. Can you please guide me what rangoli powder do you use? You buy the ground sand coloured and use directly or white sand powder mixed with holi colours? Here in Dubai holi colors are sold as rangoli which is too fine and never falls freely from the fingers. The shop keepers suggest to mix with the white sand [normal kola podi] and use. But I feel the color will not be accurate right???? Pls. advise.

BTW, how did you get that yellow background?

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Shanthi madam, thank you very much for enjoying this rangoli. Yes, colouring depends on the texture of the colour podi.In India,in some places we get colour kolapodi in so many shades which can be directly used with out mixing with white podi. But the Holy colour powder stick to the fingers , and very difficult to draw lines with that.
If you make big rangolis you can use tea filters to fill the rangoli, but with minute designer kolams we cannot use the filters.So mix less quantity of the white kolapodi with colours and use.
To get different colours I mix two three colours together, sometimes use the recycled powder.
If you can go thru the galleries you can find so many ideas. Even I have tried mixing the colours wth rock salt( Kal uppu), river sand, coconut poo( after removing the coconut milk, dry the chakkai and mix with liquid food colours) .Hope you will try with these tips.
This rangoli I created yellow effect with Adhobe photoshop! Smile