Ganesh Chathurthi Kolams

Rangoli: Ganesh

Was arranging my books, and caught hold of my old collections, scanned them to upload here.
Lord Ganesha in the mantap, will make it on floor/table Smile this festival and take another pic to upload.

Rangoli: Navadhanya Ganesha

This is a navadhanya Ganesha. Used all navadhanyas and drawn on a cardboard.

Rangoli: Mahashivarathri Rangoli

We worshipped Mahashivaratri by making a rangoli of Shiv-Parvati-Ganesh.

Rangoli: Baby Krishna

I drew this picture of Baby Krishna in my Tamil class, two years ago, when I was 8 years old.

Rangoli: Nava daniya pillaiyar kolam

In our daugter-in-law's valaikappu we put pilliyar in navadania. We prepare a savory called kollu payiru. It contains kollu, pachaipayaru, bengalgram, pottukadalai and managaram. All are roasted and, salt & chilli is added. But the pilliyar was made with colourful daniams.

Rangoli: RANGOLI

Looks like carpet design..... i got 3rd prize in rangoli competition conducted in our place.

Rangoli: Margazhi rangoli

Colourful flowers around vinayakar, I used colour with kolapodi.

Rangoli: Ganesh (Kalash mein Ganesh)

I wanted to share this piece of work done by my 10yr old son Shriram in his school competition.

Rangoli: Margazhi dew drops Kolam contest - 2008-2009

This is straight dotted kambi kolam. 65 dots straight line and 33 dots horizontal line.

I have put this Vinayagar kolam for the Times of India margazhi kolam contest and I won the prize worth Rs.25,000/- Designer saree from RMKV. First I put this vinayagar on paper with pencil. It took 2hrs. Then I thought if I drew this kolam with rice flour, would it take more than 3hrs? So, I started this kolam at 3am in the early morning. Dots tooks 2 hrs, after that I finished Vinayagar at around 8.30am in the morning. Behind my house there is space to draw my Vinayagar. In that place we didn't have proper lights. My father and brothers made some temporary arrangements and fixed a small light, and my sister and brother's wife were also up early morning, and they stood in both sides and gave some feedback every now and then ( looks nice, good, draw the line properly, correctly). My family supports to me a lot.

Hard work never fails. Its god's gift.

With Regards

Rangoli: Ganesh Kolam
This rangoli was published on 2008-12-10.