Margazhi dew drops Kolam contest - 2008-2009

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About Margazhi dew drops Kolam contest - 2008-2009 : PRINT

This is straight dotted kambi kolam. 65 dots straight line and 33 dots horizontal line.

I have put this Vinayagar kolam for the Times of India margazhi kolam contest and I won the prize worth Rs.25,000/- Designer saree from RMKV. First I put this vinayagar on paper with pencil. It took 2hrs. Then I thought if I drew this kolam with rice flour, would it take more than 3hrs? So, I started this kolam at 3am in the early morning. Dots tooks 2 hrs, after that I finished Vinayagar at around 8.30am in the morning. Behind my house there is space to draw my Vinayagar. In that place we didn't have proper lights. My father and brothers made some temporary arrangements and fixed a small light, and my sister and brother's wife were also up early morning, and they stood in both sides and gave some feedback every now and then ( looks nice, good, draw the line properly, correctly). My family supports to me a lot.

Hard work never fails. Its god's gift.

With Regards

Chikku Kolam
Dotted kolam
Margazhi dew drops Kolam contest - 2008-2009
contest winner
Rangoli: Margazhi dew drops Kolam contest - 2008-2009


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I would give this 6 stars if I could! What an amazing Ganesha!

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Hi Jill, do drop in after the contest to check out her write-up about her experience!

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Very clever use of spaces to delineate the form of Vinayaka.Neat execution,too. I envy you. I wish I could make them as neat as you do.

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Hannya of Kokusai(Internationa In Japanese) traditional pattern Arts and Science Forum KASF from Japan

Ver interesting and nice design.
I understand now it looks like an elephant/Ganesha
Is this a complete single string Sikku/Neli-Kolam ? or a multi-string Kolam ?
Which do you call/name this type Kolam ?

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Dear Hannya,
Only Hema could answer if it was done in one string only or many were required.This type is still a Sikku or Neli Kolam even though the design is figurative and not the usual square or diamond or rectangular.Are you associated with Mr Shojiro Nagata?If so could you tell me how to contact him? I am interested in his field of research about Kolams and Psychology.Many Thanks in advance.

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Dear Hannya, A Post Script.
I did a more detailed study of the Kolam since my previous note.The Kolam is not done with a continuous straight line.Some of the lines do not form a sinngle loop but start at one place and end at another point.In that sense it isn't traditional.

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A wonderful creative work. It can be enhanced with lining around the art with kavi, any way a good work

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It is really a nice work, and it might be better if multicolors were used. Good job.

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Hard work

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Nice and shows the hardwork

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My favarate ganesha! Great work...hat off to you.


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very beautiful

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Very Nice effort. Keep it up.

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I appreciate your patience in doing this!

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this looks so much like the kolam that won the prize in the Times of India Margazhi kolam contest. Are you by any chance the same person who got the designer sari from Aishwarya sponsored by RMKV? I think this is that kolam and you are that person. Congrats to you! great effort and very good work! ore kallula rendu maangava?

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very good work

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no words to express great work

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Wow excelent work.and very good thought,no words to express .... how long you drawn this???waiting to read about the experience

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wonderful!!!! waiting to read about her experience

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wonderful!!!! waiting to read about her experience

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beautiful kolam

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I congratulate the artist for not using
colours. After all vinAyaka is SuklAMbaradharaM,
right. Thus the white colour is quite apt. I
am not sure whether this could be made more
effective by using more gaps and spaces creating
a contrast. Best of luck and regards! - mOhana

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very nice

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Great work,simply superb even without the colours I can see life in it!!!!!!

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wow! this had to require a lot of planning - I couldn't even imagine making this, great work!

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vinayagar nandraga erukirar

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Thanks for comments ..... :)-
Thanks again

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excellent great job. Nice to see the vinayagar.All the best.

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Our congratulations to you Hema! I've heard about people who'd studied under poor lighting conditions back in India, but this is the first time I'm coming to know of people who make art under any kind of situations! Where there is a will...there's a way, for anybody, all one has to believe in it!
Thank you for sharing your unique experience.

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Oru kallil rendu maangai-as Sundarmaya has said!
You deserve it for your innovation and hard work!

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You deserve it for the Design and Execution and Creativity.Your write up of the process of the Kolam from your mind to the Ground is very exciting and Inspiring.I am curious to know how long the Kolam stayed in its Place Before being removed for the next one.[seriously].I will be gratefull if this Query of mine is answered not only by you but the other participants too.Thank you in advance.

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no words to express! excellent

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your vinayakar is very beautiful.
congrats for getting first prize in times of India kolam contest!!

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Excellent. No words to appreciate u & ur family. All the best

Take Care,
Brindha Yogananth

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Hemamalini,your hard work has earned you the prize what you deserve.the amount of support from the family also should be appreciated.Choosing Lord Ganesha is very apt.your concentration with which you have put the dots and drawn the neli around it with perfection is amazing.As mOhanaji says with out color the kolam is standing out nicely.Only the backgroung floor is little bad.Even the early morning sun is eagerly peeping inside to see your GANESA.ALL THE BEST WISHES!

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Oh my god speechless.. so nice chikku kolam,.. very divine

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Amazing , creative work.It is true that, hard work never fails.

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Wonderful creation Mam. Speechless to comment such an astonishing creation.

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Hema, I appreciate ur patience in placing the dots. You have done a very neat job. You deserve it.


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Pillyar,s anugraham will be very much for u dear. Real hard work.

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Mind blowing.......COngrats,,,and very well deserved...... Smile

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omg...that's amazeing

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congratulations to u on the winning of prize.great art the way it's விநாயகர் not வினாயகர்.Kindly do correct it next time.

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Extra Ordinary Kolam. Very much apt for winner entry.