Ganesh Chathurthi Kolams

Rangoli: Stencil Rangoli

Lata I was trying to look for something in one of the drawers of a table today and came across this stencil I bought few years ago (but did not find a chance to use before it got lost among other papers).. I bought 4 such stencils - it is a plastic sheet with pin holes forming the design. The Ganesha is one stencil and the two peacocks facing each other is another stencil. I combined it in such a way that the two peacocks were on either side of Ganesha and was pretty much happy with the outcome... Hope you all like it too Smile

Rangoli: Crackle medium

This is a painting method called crackle medium.
This can be paint in any surface. This can be used as back ground or else good colour combination can make a just wall hanger. I pasted Ganesha in the center. Flower arrangements can also be done in the center instead.
This is for arts and crafts session.

Rangoli: Jai Ganesh!

This also one of the Ganesha rangoli put in my office by me and friends. I think GANESHA is worshiped all over India with great enthu and it comes after Independence day. So we chose our National flag color to give border for this rangoli. Whenever I see this snap my good olden days spent in office with nice friends come to my mind and I feel very happy.

Rangoli: Ganesha Bandhaa!

In our office our kolam loving group used to put colorful rangoli with Ganesha, every year during Vinayaka chathurthi. This design was put by me and coloring was done by all friends.

Rangoli: Ganesha

This kolam is done with a dot count of 19, done 14 times. The remaining dots could be cleared after the Ganesha is drawn.

Rangoli: Ratham

Ratham with multicolour and cute vinayagar in the middle sitting to bless us.

Rangoli: Baroda Rangoli

I had 5 pictures of Baroda Rangolis. sending 3 of them. The best 2 I am still searching.
One is a lady with a silver tumbler and the other is a dancer in a Mughal durbar. You have to see it to believe it.

Rangoli: Ganesh

This a geometrical ganesha give five shades all over.

Rangoli: Ganesha Kolam

Dots : 25 (5 lines) ends with 5...

This cute Ganesha can don your pooja room on any festive occassion I am sure... the Ganesha was the basic kolam which I had copied from a book years ago... I developed the mandap and the offerings myself later on.... I had actually made it in black and white which I loved and wanted to upload as it is - because I too believe that black and white is always best looking.... but Anita tempted me to colour it and this is the outcome.... more Ganeshas to follow soon.

Rangoli: Dancing Ganesha

This is a dancing Ganesha who happily dancing in my house at my living room wall.
This I had done with M.seal and painted with all surface paint.
The orijinal one is of orange colour. I imagined that he is dancing angerily. So I changed the colour into blue. Now I can see his happy face.
I am sending it to arts and crafts title.