Baby Krishna

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I drew this picture of Baby Krishna in my Tamil class, two years ago, when I was 8 years old.

Rangoli: Baby Krishna


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I like this Diya. The peacock feathers on Krishna really look cute. When we were young,
the mothers of all the boys used to dress them up like Krishna with the hair made as a
tuft with peacock feathers or even jasmine garlands. We used to stand cross-legged
with a piece of cane or even the tube with which mothers used to stoke the fire Smile
I am glad you could write in Tamil too! Best wishes! - mOhana

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Diya, lovely Krishna and Ganesha.krishna having mouthful of vennai? why no kozhakkattai for ganesha?Your Tamil handwriting is very good.

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Krishna seems to happy.diya very ..........beautiful art sweetie.

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Diya, good ... to rember .... good wishes for your skills.

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Yenakku "Pullan guzhal kodutha moonkilgalee " Krishnar song thaan thoonukiraathu.
Very nice Diya

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Aunties and Sir, I am glad all of you enjoyed my Krishna picture.
I feel sorry for not giving any Kozhakkattai to Ganesha, because Krishna has his flute, Parvathi has her lotuses, but Ganesha does not have anything!